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Is this All There Is?

This is a question I hear a LOT. Whether I'm talking with a parent who has outlived a child, a new mom struggling to make time for herself, or a recently "eliminated" career professional who thought they'd retire where they were, everyone goes through life changes, This is just one of the many questions that come to mind, when we're faced with a change -- unexpected or not.

In this hyperconnected world, very few of us know how to get still and quiet long enough to listen to that still, small voice inside. That voice has our answers, but if we can't hear it, we won't get them. We spend so much time in western society focused on the left-brain, logical thought process that we just end up going through those motions. But the key to living a whole-hearted connected life is contained in one of my favorite phrases:

Instinct Guiding Intellect

You see, that's how our brain is wired. The Right-brain, creative/intuitive side is ready to tell the right-brain what it dreams of, what it wants, what its vision is for our life. And, if we allow that to happen, well, the left-brain is perfectly suited to go make that thing happen. Now, YOUR answers are not the same as MY answers. But, this part of the process will work for both of us. The trick is to find something, ANYTHING that will allow us to be still and quiet. In yoga, we call this moving into stillness. I have several practices that do this for me, and trust me, you do, too. We just need to get you in touch with the the tools that will work for you. That's where these courses come into play. You'll see several featured courses below, and you can click on "View All Courses" to check out others.

If you want to go even deeper on the practices and are not interested in the group program, I also offer private coaching.

Meet Your Guide

Karen Castilon has had a successful corporate career, but she longed to make a difference in the world. She has been through a lot of transitions in her lifetime -- some wonderful, some tragic; some planned, some completely unexpected.

She has been married to her best friend for over 30 years, and they have three amazing sons. Two of them live nearby and one has left this earthly plane, but he is still a big part of our lives. The passing of her oldest son completely changed everything about her life and thrust her into the “new normal” she never wanted. She has a deep passion to help other parents who’ve outlived a child, as well as others who have experienced their own different life transitions.

She has had a successful career in Information Technology and Agile Business Consulting. In every role she’s ever had, she has been a translator or bridge of sorts. Over the years, she has seen a lot of focus on exercising logic and reason but very little focus on the intuitive and creative.

She wanted to change that. She is now a Certified Creatively Fit Coach (CCFC), an RYT-200 yoga teacher, and a certified CBC-Y (Compassionate Bereavement Care) provider. Art, yoga, journaling, and other tools are perfect ways to get in touch with the answers you already have within.